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Elected Officers and Named Committees of Dresden Community Healthcare Foundation

Upwards of a hundred people attended the "Formation Meeting" and the officers and committee members are most grateful. To date, 209 people have paid memberships with the DCHF. Memberships are still available at $5.00 each, from Dresden Home Hardware, McBrayne's Feeds 'n Needs, and Stuart Kiar Law Office. Dresden

Foundation Formation Meeting held January 18, 2012 at Trinity Christian Centre

The elected officers of the Dresden Community Healthcare Foundation are as follows:

President              Paul Weese                     2 years

Vice President       Stuart Kiar                      2 years

Secretary               Pat Cameron                   3 years 

Treasurer               Bob Coleman                   3 years

Director                  Joe Faas                           2 years


Lisa Northcott

2 years

Director                 Kris Kearney-Richards     2 years

Director                Ron Sturgis                        2 years        

The following committes were formed and chairs elected:

Dave Wilson-co chair
Mike Pearson-co chair
Dave Deacon
John Lang
Wayne Barr
Ron Sturgis
Matt Fass

Tony Crubb-Chair
Lisa Vansickle
Tim Fysh
Karen Fysh
Marilyn Fuch
Ross Fuch
Linda Harris
Loree Elgie
Lois Shaw
Bob Coleman
Rose Northcott
Mindy Jenner
Gord Hardy
Tanya Hardy
Theresa Burns
Lynda Weese
Julie Shaw
Fran Martin
Christal Wills
Pat Wills
Beth McCabe
Colleen Janssens


Cindy Brewer-Chair
Lisa Northcott
Machell Van Dyk
Alicia Paddick
Selena Finley
Lotti Meier
Kerry Mall
Krista Mall
Brenda McLachlin
Susan Butler
Rhonda Nussey
Kathie Stephens
Bonnie Faas
Wendy Weston
Sandra Thompson
Julie Shaw
Barb McCaughrin


Barry Kentner
Linda Sullivan
Margaret Scott
Brian McCabe
Steve Brent
Gary Carroll
Kris Kearney-Richards

*Chair to be elected at a later meeting:

The objectives of DCHF includes raising funds towards the creation of a Satellite office of the Chatham-Kent Health Team