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I'm so excited to have found this website, as it is really hard to find info on the Misselbrooks. With that being said, I am a distant cousin. Samuel Saul and Rachel are my three-times Great Grandparents. Their son; Wilbert is my 2x Great Grandfather. His daughter; Velma Lillian Misselbrook is my Great Grandmother. Velma's late daughter; Valera Jean Cook (nee Kerr) is my Grandma. Her daughter; Kathleen is my Mom. My mother absolutely adored her Grandma, and I've heard so many stories. I'm so grateful to have come across this website. Thank you so much for sharing their stories, and pictures. It's so great to see what the people I come from actually look like.

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Hi Ted....I visit your first cousin Joan Misselbrook at Meadowpark in Chatham every week. We have become great friends over the years, especially finding out that we both had Dresden roots and our parents were friends. With your permission, I am printing some of your/her family photos to show her. She loves to reminisce and as you probably know she hasn't been able to see Velda for a few years now. She will love the see pictures of her dad and mom, Velda and Keith, Kenneth and her grandparents. Thanks for all the hard work and sharing your history. She will be blessed!

Written by Roy Montgomery on Nov. 1, 2016

Lee & Shannon Misselbrook.. This is Roy & Angela your CUBA buddies from Texas.. My msg to myself with your info, never synced. Send me an email when you can. Roy

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Hey Hey! good work on the family tree! been doing my end, any English UK (Southampton) relatives at all you know of? I wana try find an over lap.

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