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Dalton Misselbrook is shown in this 1921 Dresden Public School Photo

Dalton Misselbrook was 9 years old when this photo was taken at the Dresden Public School!

Alan and Ted Misselbrook's father Dalton (Carmen) Misselbrook is shown in this (poor quality) 1921 Class Photo:  The teacher Mrs. Dorothy Wells had a class of 30 students, an unacceptably high number by todays teacher's union regulations. 

Pictured front row, from left: Alf Tricker, Norm Wilmott, Cliff Johnston, Donald Munn, Hugh Pattison, Stanfield Lord, John Markham, Stan Wilmott, Walt Christner, Dalton Misselbrook, Morrison (first name unknown), David Lambkin, Harold Babcock, Earl Gray and Joe Snail. Back row, from left: Grace Eberlee, Elma Conway, Luella Carscallen, Dorothy Jeffs, Jean Baker, Marie Eberlee, Margery Parker, Margaret Law, Marion Hanson, Grace Tiffin, Duddy (first name unknown), Dorothy Bear, Pearl Farnsworth, Ross McDougal, and Nelson________(last name unknown).