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"The good old days"

The home of Dalt and Winnie Misselbrook and the childhood home of brothers Alan and Ted. Located at 334 Davis Street Dresden, the house plans were designed by Alfred Tricker also of Dresden. Dalton and Winnie would go on to have the house built in 1939. The land was supplied by Dalton's father Lambert Sr. and the rough lumber by L. MIsselbrook and Son Sawmill, a family business that was founded by Lambert Sr. in 1905 and would span three generations from Lambert to his oldest son Howard and to Howard's son Ken. The business was sold in 1961 to Vern Pumfrey who operated the sawmill for several years. Dalton and Winnie sold the home shortly after Dalton reach 65 years of age and retired from Canadian Canners. They would go to occupy an apartment at Royal Manor in Dresden, later moving to Dresden Residence. After Dalton's death in 1989, Winnifred would move to Park St. Place retirement home, and later to Chatham and Meadowview Park Nursing Home were she would die peacefully in 2000.

Ted and Doris Stinson ( Pat's mom and dad ) bought this Benthpath, Dawn Township area farm in 1952 from the late Mr. and Mrs. Wallis Hill. A few years later they would have Carsen Jinkerson of Dresden move a large and sturdy (it's a century plus years old) barn from the 21 Hwy North area, near the Dawn School to its present day location. Over the years several other out buildings were added to the farm operation. Doris Stinson recalls that Ted's aunt supplied a sow a some cattle to get the livestock operation going. Overtime Ted filled the barn with pigs and cattle much to the delight of this grandchildren Jill and Beth Misselbrook. Both grand-kids loved to help Grandpa Stinson do the chores and he was thrilled that they did. His great grandson Justin while only 3 years old when "Bumpa" Sintson died, remembers him still with happy memories. Ted Stinson worked off farm as well for many years as a construction worker (surveyor) in Sarnia. Doris clerked for 25 years or so at Eves Jewellers in Dresden working for the father and son team Garnet and Herb Eves. Ted Stinson passed away in 1998 a victim of cancer. His wife Doris would later sell to Deline Farms in 2001. Doris (McKim) Stinson has lived in Dresden since that time.

Ted and brother Alan's parents Dalton and Winnifred had a cottage on Walpole Island from 1954 to 1981. The cottage was a busy place with regular visits from aunts and uncles and cousins galore. Boating, swimming, fishing and goofing around was the order of the day and it was a perfect place to enjoy your childhood. In later years Dalt and Winnie's grandchildren would enjoy the island cottage and build their own memories of time spent at Walpole. Three generations of Misselbrooks would enjoy the beauty of the St Clair River from the cottage vantage point. (Alan Misselbrook along with friends Ronnie Knight and Susan Hayden at age 14 or 15 decided they had the power to swim across the St. Clair River from Walpole Island to Russell Island... and they did. The problem was the fast moving current and the reality that they wouldn't be able to swim back. Eleven year old Ted summoned the help of his uncle Bill Weese, who then boated to Harsens to retrieve the exhausted young swimmers. It would be many years later before parents Dalton and Winnifred would learn of Alan's (most dangerous) swim adventure.

Pictured is the former Dresden home of Lambert and Martha Misselbrook and it is located at 314 Davis Street, next to the house built and occupied by his youngest child Dalton and Dalton's family, wife Winnifred, sons Alan and Ted. Dalton's house was built in 1939 on property given to Dalton by his father. Rough lumber for the home was supplied free of charge by Lambert's business, L. Misselbrook and Son Sawmill. Dalton's property was part of a parcel of land that also saw a house built by Dalton's oldest brother Howard. Prior to moving to Dresden Lambert and Martha occupied the homestead farm, that was settled by Lambert's father Samuel around 1877. Lambert and Martha would move to the homestead farm after their marriage in 1905. The farm was located at the corner of Huff's Corners and Edy Mills Line in Dawn Township, Lambton County (lot 31, concession 11, the 911 number is 1804) Samuel died in 1910 and his wife Rachel in 1930.