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Throwback Thursday: I may have published this photo on FACEBOOK in previous years, but it is such a gem, making it worthy of a second go. Dresden Elementary School Class Photo of 1953, (grade 3.) Pictured a group of 43 students, mostly seven and year olds. Those who have survived the march of time would now be 70 and 71 years of age. Back Row Left to Right: Bill Squires, Russell Browning, Leroy Crosby, Ted Misselbrook. Teacher Mrs. Grieves, Clifford Ripley, Jack Holden, Bobby Stubbings, Doug Wellman. 2nd Row Left to Right: Marilyn Steel, Karen Harrett, Marion Baverstock, Carol Lee Mitchel, Marilyn Markham, Donna Sturgis, Patsy Labadie, Glen Babcock. 3rd Row from back Left to Right: Marvin Rolls, Sharon Fraser, Cathy King, Patsy Bishop, Janice Tiffin, Grace Ellis, Mary Tuckwell, Margaret Baverstock, Patsy Timmerman, Ruth Ann Ellis. Front Row: Henny Blommaert, Paul Dusten, Wayne Grineage, Jim McFadden, Jack Deline, Lloyd Martin, Larry Bear.

Jan. 14, 2022