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Local media and facebook are reporting, that Sun Media, the operators of The Leader-Spirit newspaper serving Dresden and Bothwell have closed down the weekly operation. I must say, on personal level, it saddens me to see a community without a home-town newspaper. A Dresden paper has published in this community since The Gazette was born in 1871 when in 1873 the name changed to The Dresden Times. The inovative Bowes Brothers would aquire the Times in the 1950's. In 1938 Charlie Ross launched The Dresden News and operated until 1968. Admittedly, my connection to this story is a little closer than most, given that the late Gord Clauws and I started the "The Leader" in 1965 and owned the group of weekly newspapers, farm publications, senior magazines and large type phone books as well as a printing operation until sold in 1988. For those interested, I have re-posted, from my personal website the Leader Story 1965 to 1988. As for "The Leader Spirit"...RIP! Ted Misselbrook http://www.misselbrook.net/5740412

Jan. 14, 2022